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Four Seasons
Signs of the Season: Summer

May 1 is the beginning of Summer according to the Celtic calendar.

What are the signs of summer where you live?

June 16, 2008
Kami from Eugene, Oregon writes:

..Today I went out to my garden and ate the very first ripe strawberry off my plants. It was wonderful!

June 12, 2008
Deb from Devon, England writes:

Signs of the summer here in sunny Devon:

  • The sun is always up before I am
  • The air is frothy with the scent of elderflowers in bloom
  • My favourite climbing rose, Zepherine Drouhin, has burst into flower overnight make a splash of deep pink against the front of the house
  • The patches of bare soil in the front garden that I was trying to fill two weeks ago have disappeared under a mass of pink and purple geraniums
  • My tomato plants are growing about an inch a day
  • Two generations of blackbirds are working flat out to feed the second brood of the year, stripping the 'grapes' from our mahonia bushes, trying to carry more than their beaks will hold
  • It is warm enough to eat dinner in the garden and linger until it gets dark, listening to the sparrows squabbling as they settle down for the night in the overgrown honeysuckle.

June 10, 2008
Jennifer from Long Island, NY writes:

Summer has come in with a bang here on Long Island! We went from sweater weather to 95+ degree heat in a matter of two weeks. My irises have burst into their delicate, sweet-scented glory, and the starlings and sparrows are chattering happily at the feeders.

May 14, 2008
Alyss from Portland, Oregon writes:

Well, summer is sneaking up on us here in Portland. In many ways it still very much feels like spring. The lilacs are scenting the whole neighborhood and the robins are singing loud and full of themselves. Because of the long days they are getting to sing until almost 9pm these days, truly a summer phenonenon. The biggest sign of summer I've noticed, though, is a certain smell in the mornings. Or maybe it's just a feeling in the air. It says that whatever chill there is in the air won't last through the day. It just smells like summer. :)

May 14, 2008
Claudia from Illinois writes:

I live in Illinois across from St. Louis, MO.

There is green....every shade imaginable. Blankets of velvety green on the ground. A leaf explosion on the trees.There are colors...every shade imaginable. Pink, yellow, blue, purple, red, and white. The blossoms in trees, flowers in gardens, and along the forest edge wave hello.

There has been a lot of rain. So much that 100 year old trees are falling over. The earth is like pudding. The mosquitoes are already out in abundance. Thank goodness we also have an abundance of birds.They are singing all the time. I woke to the red bellied woodpecker this morning. Just had to get up and see him sitting on our tree.

There are fox, coyote, and deer living close enough to hear and see if we are out at the right time. They are more playful.

The temperatures are rising along with the humidity.

I lean against a tall Norwegian Spruce and let myself sway with it in the wind as I take in Mother Earth's canvas.Mother Nature obviously does not like to be cut short or interfered with by superimposed climate irregularities. Everything has returned with astonishing vigor after a bleak beginning. Including those plants we generally refer to as "weeds". I do love the 6 foot "trees" of aromatic Sweet Annie that freely sow themselves about my gardens. I will harvest their seeded stems to hang on my beams this winter which then lend the sweet medicinal fragrance to my holiday-ready house. But now, with so much scent and pollen on the wing, I hope I do not run out of prescription pads!

>What are the First Signs of Summer where you live?

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