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Lucky Moons for 2006

An important part of doing magic is being in touch with the flow of energy as it expresses itself through the universe, especially through the cycles of the stars, the sun and the moon. Keeping track of these cycles is easy if you have any one of the popular calendars which list the moon sign like the WeMoon Almanac or the Lunar Calendar or the Pocket Astrologer or the Moon Phases card.

During every lunar cycle (or moonth, the term Donna Henes uses to remind us of the root of the word month), the moon passes through your astrological sun sign. This is often a time of personal power, when you feel truly in sync with your personality. Helen Farias noted that wishes (prayers, affirmations, spells) expressed on the day the moon was in her sun sign were usually granted. If you know your moon sign, you may also notice a shift of energy when the moon moves through this sign, which will also happen once every lunar cycle. Often this is a time when you are sensitive and aware of your feelings.

You also have several other moon power points during the year. The moon will be new in your sun sign once a year and full in your sun sign once a year. The New Moon, when the moon is dark or invisible is a seed point, a time for going deep within and attuning with spirit. Since it always happens near your birthday, you can use it as a time for setting an intention for the upcoming year. The full moon in your sign is more likely to be the time for a party (too bad it's half a year away from your birthday), a time for going out into the world, connecting with other people and expressing yourself creatively.

The moon will pass through all of its phases in your sign during the year. You might also want to note when it is in your sign in the first quarter and the last quarter. The first quarter moon in your sun sign would be a good time for initiating a project or casting a spell, planning or going on a vision quest. The last quarter moon is a time for reflecting on your achievements, evaluating your experiences and grieving your losses (perhaps with a ritual of letting go).

Now that you know the principles you can also pay attention to these power points when they fall in the same sign as your natal moon or the sign of your Ascendant. Each one can be occasion for a ritual.

Charting Your Moon Power Points

The chart below can help you identify your Moon Power Points for the coming year. Dates are taken from Jim Maynard's 2006 Pocket Astrologer for Pacific Time. Virgos get two fresh starts with two new moons, a month apart, while Capricorns get none (they had two last year). Aries have two chances to take action with a first quarter moon, one at the start and one at the end of the year. Aquarians get two chances to reflect, evaluate and let go this year with two last quarter moons in their sign. And everyone has one full moon, an opportunity to party.

Moon Phase New Full First Quarter Last Quarter
Seed point, make a wish, work magic Celebrate Initiate a project, state intentions Reflect, evaluate, let go, banish


Mar 29

Oct 6

Jan 6
Dec 27

Jul 17


Apr 27

Nov 5

Feb 4

Aug 15


May 26

Dec 4

Mar 6

Sept 14


June 25

Jan 14

Apr 5

Oct 13


July 24

Feb 12

May 4

Nov 12


Aug 23
Sep 22 / eclipse

Mar 14

June 3

Dec 12


Oct 21

Apr 13

July 3


Nov 20

May 12

Aug 2

Jan 22


Dec 20

June 11

Aug 31

Feb 20


July 10

Sept 30

Mar 22


Jan 29

Aug 9

Oct 29

Apr 20 /
May 20


Feb 27

Sept 7

Nov 27

June 18


This article first appeared in the Winter 1998 issue of The Beltane Papers: A Journal of Womens Mysteries.

Farias, Helen was the founding mother of The Beltane Papers. Until her untimely death in 1994, her wisdom and scholarship could be found in every issue. She frequently wrote about calendar customs and working with lunar and solar energies.

Henes, Donna, Celestially Auspicious Occasions: Seasons, Cycles & Celebrations, Perigee/Berkley 1996

Ask about these calendars at your local bookstore. If you can't find them there, contact the publisher directly.

Lunar Calendar: This popular calendar, based on the Celtic tree months, is edited by Nancy Passmore. For more information, see www.thelunapress.com

Lunar Phases card: A simple tool for tracking the moon's cycles, a one page card on stiff paper which can be ordered from Snake and Snake Production at www.snakeandsnake.com.

Pocket Astrologer is a handy guide created by Jim Maynard containing detailed astrological information for the year. It is available in a wall calendar, an engagement calendar, or, my favorite, the little pocket-sized book, for either Eastern or Pacific time. Order it from Quicksilver Productions, www.quicksilverproductions.com

WeMoon Almanac, a lovely engagement calendar, featuring original art, good writing and astrological lore, published by Mother Tongue Inc. For more information see: www.wemoon.ws

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